We went to the Otherside First Trip, here’s what Voyagers Experienced!

Today marks the very first day where the Otherside project launches its first public event as part of its tech demo. Many investors were waiting to see any sign of that highly anticipated metaverse, as speculations happen a lot in the crypto world. The event was a great success, as thousands of users entered the metaverse and explored around. In this article, we’re going to recap what the Otherside crypto is, and what went down on the Otherside first trip.

What is the Otherside Crypto?

Otherside is a metaverse project that the company Yuga Labs developed. It was Yuga Labs that developed the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Otherside is a metaverse that is still in evolution. It is a mixture of games like World of Warcraft and other Web3 virtual worlds. The idea is that “players hold the world, the NFTs can become personalities, and numerous players can play together in real-time.”

In this world, the NFTs are active and adjust as users communicate with the objects and resources on their land. Otherside is anticipated to contain other NFT projects such as Cool Cats, CryptoPunks, Cryptoadz, and World of Women. The game will have experiences such as dungeons and dragons. The experience is claimed to be always evolving, where players themselves will have a say in how the game develops.

What are Otherdeeds?

In order to interact in the OTHERSIDE game and purchase land, users will need Otherdeeds NFT. The latter is the key to interacting in this virtual metaverse. Otherdeeds cap at 200,000. The first 100,000 batches were released on the 30th of April 2022. The second 100,000 batch will be released solely to Otherdeed holders (aka the guys who purchased the first batch, or the ones who purchased them from the secondary markets) and to people who contribute to the development of the project. If you want to purchase Otherdeeds, you needed to own Apecoin.


Otherside FIRST TRIP was a Massive Success

First Trip details

A series of tech demonstrations will serve as the first stage of the Voyager’s Journey. This allows participants (or voyagers) to go to the Otherside and take part in a developing storyline. Additionally, Voyagers will have multiple opportunities during playtesting sessions to assist engineers in pushing the boundaries of the metaverse.

The first of many “Trips” that Voyagers joined today was called the “First Trip”. It took place today at 12 ET. In order to accommodate as many Voyagers as possible, many other trips will occur at a later stage. That’s why it would be best to follow The Otherside on Twitter for their upcoming trip announcements.

Voyagers experienced the Otherside for the First Time

Any user who holds an Otherdeed NFT was able to participate in the “First Trip”. They entered the metaverse as a form of a Voyager, following a big Bored APE. Users were testing this new world by running around and using different portals. In the beginning, users were in a white place, where a colored portal took them to a colorful metaverse. They rushed in a “race” and reached the center stadium where everyone danced, threw emojis, and tested the very basic dynamics of moving around this brand new metaverse.

Users require ApeCoin to purchase The Otherside Land. The perfect place to purchase the land is OpenSea. To do this, users require a software wallet like Metamask and cryptocurrencies to fund their wallets. 

  • Step1: To buy Otherside land, users require ApeCoin (APE). Users can also use various crypto exchanges like Coinbase, and Binance.
  • Step 2: Buy or download a wallet: In this, they must download a wallet like Metamask.Go to the MetaMask website, click on “Download,” and then select the preferred browser. Next, click install and obey the on-screen step-by-step guideline. 
  • Step 3: Send APE coin To Metamask: Now, it is necessary to send the APE to the MetaMask wallet. The address is near the top of the MetaMask pop-up window.
  • Step 4: Make your purchase.

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