Carpe Diem Ceases The Day With Nolecoin

Carpe Diem adds NoleCoin $NOLE, a new option to stake tokens, to its Savings platform. Carpe Diem Savings uses a financial structure similar to a Certificate of Deposit (CD) offered by conventional banks. Blockchain technology has been used to produce several CDs or models that are extremely similar to CDs, with the most well-known being the cryptocurrency HEX.

The firm believes that enhancing current ecosystems might be beneficial. It does not have a separate token for awarding prizes because doing so would basically create an additional useless token out of thin air and introduce it to the market.

The company says it is there for customers who wish to accumulate long-term savings. This has a number of advantages, one of which is that it gives individuals an incentive to keep their cryptocurrency. Carpe Diem does not see itself as a rival to HEX or other blockchain CDs.

“For superior ROI and higher APY, users should look at HEX. However, we understand that users hold cryptocurrencies other than HEX, and would like to stake those in a CD, which they can now do in our platform.”

Nolecoin’s Carpe Diem

Nole is a blockchain platform that provides the tools and technologies needed to spread freedom and wealth among several people. It is designed for entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and those who are new to cryptocurrency.

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Since its launch in the TRON ecosystem in 2018, NoleCoin has served as a linking force. It is a community-driven project. One of their main areas of interest is the so-called “legend,” which is the tale of the Nolians, the group’s members who are a part of the entire environment. Similar to the concept of storytelling in the video game World of Warcraft, NoleCoin was one of the first to introduce these components to the crypto community.

NoleCoin will encourage staking by increasing the APY of its pool. Paying penalties on purpose accomplishes this. Long-term investors will have the most shares, and as a result, will be rewarded most generously.

Furthermore, the launch of Carpe Diem Savings, which has been under development for more than a year, is anticipated in the upcoming weeks. They work to connect projects on TRON and throughout the entire blockchain industry, and they welcome many worthwhile initiatives to their platform.

Carpe Diem intends to start working on other decentralised financial solutions, some of which will be built on top of Carpe Diem Savings, while continuing to enhance its Savings product.

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